Watercolor 20x20
“Outside the Lines” 20×20 original watercolor by Peggie Hunnicutt

Welcome to my web page.  Its been awhile since updating this page and the only thing I’d add is that painting watercolors is still a BIG attraction for me as I taught it for over 30 years.  However, I’m making time to delve into other mediums.  Right now it appears to be Acrylics that intrigue me.  Living in Anacortes, WA with my artwork in “The Good Stuff Gallery” here with owners that afford me to show and try various styles makes me smile.   I am both humbled and grateful for this opportunity.

So,  I’m still in an exploratory mode breaking with watercolor traditions, painting vivid watercolors and mixed media using ultra violet resistant acrylic coatings to both enhance color and free artwork from the confines of matting and framing.

As a colorist employing all over bold color, it is the vibrancy of this method that intrigues me.  I am continuing to venture into Acrylics, Mixed Media and Paper Making which has turned out to be a rewarding challenge.​

After living in Anchorage, Alaska for 22 years my husband Steve and I  have returned to the Pacific Northwest where we were born and raised.

Anchorage is a “wonder filled” experience.  We leave a Maritime environment and a closely knit Artist Community which were great for us.

And now, settling into Anacortes we find the area to be a healthy blend of our interests.

Having taught Junior High, High School, and at the University level, I find joy empowering others and love to sprinkle the spirit of imagination or “pixie dust” over students.

My artwork has received numerous State, National and International Awards and been accepted into several galleries.  Of all the awards “Hue Did It” published in Splash 11, a Northlight Book Series, edited by Rachel Rubin Wolf was a great thrill.

Recently I received some exciting news via email. My painting “Kitchen Table Dalliance”, acrylic on canvas, will be included in the upcoming hardcover book by North Lights Books. AcrylicWorks 5: Bold Values. The fifth edition of AcrylicWorks will be published in April of 2018. Check out April’s 4th Edition and type in AcryicWorks 4 in the “search” area above:



The term “colorists” best describes the energy of my artwork as I enjoy creating bold and bright realities which are in constant flux.  .  .  .    “What if?”