Download your own copy of Peggie’s Watercolor Workbook “Wet’n Wet” now. Your investment is only $15.00

Peggie’s watercolors focus on painting techniques, so her lesson plans provide drawing patterns to trace and written step-by-step instructions with a visual sample of each major step and the completed results, as illustrated in the above sequence. These simple lesson plans are wonderful for both individual self-study or classroom instruction.

Peggie has thought of calling her lesson plans “Watercolors for Dummies,” because she has included clear instructions as to what brush to use and just how to apply the water and color every step of the way. She tried to write them for someone who knows nothing about Wet-in-Wet watercolors so they would have a successful experience. Teachers who have taken her classes seem very pleased.

Lessons include:

– Basic Watercolor

– Thinking Cool (shapes and shadows using blue only)

– Beyond Basics ( using warm colors)

– Continuing (full spectrum, using all colors)

For more information and to order the workbook, e-mail me.