from the public, academic colleagues and students…

My wife and I very much enjoyed seeing your artwork and that of your students (at Jitters). I find it very stimulating to sit and nurse a cup of coffee in a room where original artwork is displayed, and I hope you will exhibit there again in the future. It adds a great deal to the ambiance of the place, and helps to elevate art awareness and appreciation in the community, something that is more important than ever these days.
Gary Moore


Peggie’s paintings compare favorably with those in top competitive exhibitions in the US today. Judi Betts, National Watercolors Society, American Watercolor Society, and international art teacher

My experience in working with Peggie is that her projects were very sophisticated and well developed. She has shown great creativity and artistic skill in her works, plus a high level of professional attitude and responsibility.

Bernard W. Baker, Professor of Art, California State University


I was personally pleased to see her thesis combine her creation and technique with social consciousness. The professional level of her work was more than satisfactory at all times and her instructional method was always clear and easy to follow.
William M. Hagan, Professor of Philosophy, California State University


I was initially impressed with her choice of subject in her thesis: what elderly take with them to their last abodes in terms of visual souvenirs. With that, Peggie entered into direct relationships with people as she gently interviewed them about their lives. Along the way, it became apparent that she could not omit those closest to her as well. This in itself was moving in terms of narrative and emotional, psychological, and sociological content. I have come to know Peggie in an unusually personal manner as much has been disclosed about her life and character in the nature and content of her thesis work.
Gilah Hirsch, MFA, thesis advisor at California State University


I certainly enjoyed the day and appreciate your style of teaching. I just looked back over my pages and said to myself, “Well, I think you are getting it, Kris.” 🙂 Kris Conquergood


Thanks Peggie for a great learning experience. I enjoyed the class and truly want to do more. I am surprised what I did do for the first experience and I want to do more. I appreciate your gift of teaching and artistic quality of expression.
Lou Laisnez


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your willingness to share your knowledge, you’re an excellent teacher and a great water-colorist. I enjoyed attending your classes and learning from you.